Plant Manager

--Leading Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Company--

--Leading Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Company--

    Main Role

    The Plant Manager will be responsible for all manufacturing support functions of the Plant: production, planning, technical/engineering & maintenance, quality control, HSE and security issues. He will manage a team of 150-200 persons with 5-6 direct reports.

    The position will report to CEO.


     Planning, organizing, and managing the plant operations which ensures the most effective return on assets within a pharmaceutical production environment;
     Initiating plans and processes which minimize manufacturing costs through effective utilization of manpower, equipment, facilities, materials, and capital;
     Assuring the attainment of business objectives and production schedules while ensuring product standards that will meet customers’ expectations;
     Managing short-, mid- and long-term manufacturing strategies and action plans;
     Establishing group and individual accountabilities throughout assigned departments for problem solving and cost reduction, both on a permanent and ad hoc basis, depending on need;
     Encouraging the use of innovative techniques and focusing on fact-based problem solving;
     Enhancing manpower utilization within existing departments and processes;
     Managing efficient spending against budget in relation to changes in production volume;
     Continually improving safety records by addressing both physical safety issues and employee safety attitudes. Monitoring the appliance of EU GMPs and HACCPs;
     Maintaining individual skills keeping up to date with the latest production management efficiency & optimization concepts;
     Ensuring products are produced on time and meeting high-quality standards in alignment with production plans and schedules;
     Overseeing implementation of high production standards and quality control tools & systems;
     Evaluating the efficiency of production lines in terms of production rates and OEE, addressing deviations and technical issues affecting production plans;
     Developing and implementing a proactive maintenance strategy to mitigate potential risks and preventing damage due to neglect;
     Managing smooth and timely collaboration among all functions within the company and the plant involved in production operations. 

    Must Have

      Fluent English;

     University degree. International MBA will be an advantage;

     Minimum around 15+ years of general experience in one or several (preferably) business functions related to Plant Management (Production, Quality Assurance,etc.), of which at least 10 years of experience in the Pharmaceutical Manufacturing industry, with a significant period of this time, if not all career, in a multinational pharmaceutical company. At least around 5-7 years or more of direct hands-on experience as Plant Manager in the Pharmaceutical Manufacturing industry of similar complexity is a must;

     Technical ability to be able to understand the manufacturing process. Strong understanding of GMP and HACCP guidelines in the pharmaceuticalmanufacturing industry;

     Strong communication, and people management skills, and leadership capacity to lead and inspire efficiently the plant staff. High emotional and cultural intelligence to introduce a ‘right’ culture where the work place should be respected and ideally treated like a home. Ability to treat workers and management with respect. Ability to build a strong corporate culture at the Plant;

     Knowledge and experience in lean management are of high advantage;

     Attitude of ownership and high responsibility. Ability to act and implement quick and deep changes in the work organization, if required;

     Strong expertise in all functions of Plant Management (Production, Planning, Supply Chain, Quality Control, Maintenance, HSE&S);

     Organized self-starter, high stress tolerance, growth/performance-driven, confident, proactive, attentive to details, supportive but demanding/challenging. Executive who sets high standards, leads by example, and values diversity.

     High energy level;

     Impeccable integrity, a high corporate culture, and business ethics.

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    Team / Company Size:

    150 / 200 people

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